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Planning a Wedding or Elopement in Iceland?

how to plan for wedding photography in Iceland, my views on why it’s awesome, and where to say your vows

Thinking about getting married in Iceland? Well, you’ve got good reason to! It is hands down the most beautiful and diverse landscape I’ve ever seen. I fell in love with this country when I visited in 2015. It’s an adventurers paradise and absolutely perfection for photography and the way I love to shoot. Everywhere I looked my mind would go to ‘that would be a perfect spot to elope’, or ‘I need someone to say their vows in this exact spot’. 


First, let’s cover the why in why you should consider eloping or having a wedding in Iceland. 

With some destination weddings (take Mexico for example), you have to do your legal signing at home, making the ceremony really, in a sense ‘pretend’. BUT.. get married in Iceland and you’re legally married. No at-home loop holes required. Iceland’s marriage license is recognized by many many countries including Canada and the States. Of course, there’s still paperwork and formalities to cover in advance (documents must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the date of the wedding) but with an Icelandic marriage commissioner your ceremony will be binding (and real). 

Heard of the midnight sun? I talk about the importance of good light all the time but here at home we’re chasing a pretty normal sundown schedule with about an hour of ‘golden’ light before sunset. Because of where Iceland is located, in the winter there is more hours of darkness but in the summer that good light almost never goes away. From May to July the midnight sun is a stunning phenomenon that can contribute to the most stunning views and vibrant colours. The other bonus here is that you can avoid the crowds. Some of the popular destinations can be busy with tourists in the afternoon but head there for portraits late in the evening and you’re likely to have it all to yourself. 

Think of the endless timeline options too? What about a reception dinner first, amazing food and wine and company? Then a ceremony after, let’s say 10pm? Followed by a midnight dip in a natural hot spring. Leaning towards a wedding in the winter or fall? Two words. Northern Lights. 

Next reason. The wedding and honeymoon combo options when it comes to booking flights. Iceland is ideally situated between North America and Europe and offers a free stopover package for up to a week when flying between the two. Book a honeymoon in Europe, stop over in Iceland on the way to tie the knot. Simple! 


Now, the exciting part. The where. Under a waterfall, in an ice cave, on the black sand beaches? Here’s my top pics. 

The Top 10 places to say your vows in Iceland 

1. Reynisfjara, Black Sand Beach 

I could say ‘one of the most iconic scenic locations in Iceland’ but truthfully that could be said about anything on this list. Maybe it’s just one of my favourites though. Tip - don’t go here if you’re afraid of wind. Second tip - photographers love wind. What better way to create moody dramatic portraits with movement?

2. The Westfjords 

Any Sigur Rós fans here? My very first impression of Iceland (long before I traveled there) was the video to their song Glósóli. The cliffs at the end? I had to see them. Head to the WestFjords to get married in a setting like this (and please take me with you). No subtlety here. That was a direct ask.  

3. Godafoss Waterfall 

Of the hundreds and hundreds of waterfalls, this was the biggest and most impressive I saw on my first trip. Google this guy, prepare to be amazed. 

4. Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall

If you’re imagining a postcard type iconic Icelandic landscape, this might be your spot. A wedding in front of Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall is like a something from a fantasy movie with Mount Kirkjufell towering behind you. For some reason, it reminds me of a small Icelandic Matterhorn. 

5. Skogafoss Waterfall

Although a wedding in front of Skogafoss Waterfall might be one of the most popular destinations to say your vows in Iceland, it’s for good reason. It’s also conveniently close to the town Vik which is home to many boutique vacation rental homes by owner and the other famous waterfall of that region, Seljalandsfoss Waterfall (next). 

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Yes, this entire top 10 list could easily be just waterfalls. There’s that many to choose from. I remember sitting next to an Icelandic gentleman on a flight there that told me you’d be hard pressed to find a farm there that didn’t have it’s own waterfall. He wasn’t kidding! These could be tricky to have to yourself for a private ceremony if you were planning something in the afternoon, but again this is where the midnight sun could be your best friend! 

7. Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon 

Use Instagram locations to check out the peaks and valleys in this massive canyon and you’ll be hooked. For photography, it doesn’t get any better than here. The canyon is about 100 meters deep and about two kilometres long.

8.  Black Sand Beach Cliffs 

Possibly even more stunning than down on the black sand beaches is getting married above them, up on the lookout cliffs. This is another one to check out using Instagram locations. It’s like nothing you’ll ever see anywhere else! 

9. Wedding Locations Inspired by Game of Thrones

If you’re as big of a GOT and HBO junkie as me, you’re probably aware that they do a lot of filming in Iceland. A chance to combine my love of Game of Thrones and wedding photography? Sign me up.  Vik on Iceland’s south coast appears in scenes of frozen Westeros. Vatnajökull, Europes largest glacier appears in season two and Thingvellir National Park was used in season 4, among many other locations. Winter is coming. 

Ion Adventure Hotel 

Maybe a bit of luxury is more up your ally, or maybe you’re looking for a boutique place to check in when you’re finished your clifftop vows? This award winning and super unique hotel ranks on all the top lists including Venue Report and Conde Nast (who claims that the design of the hotel was inspired by explorer Ingólfur Arnarson, who reportedly founded Reykjavík in 874AD and that it sits at the precise spot where he first landed). Among their many awards are ‘Best Honeymoon Boutique Hotel in Europe’ and ‘The Most Sustainable Boutique Hotel in Europe’.


Now, About Wedding Photography!

If you’ve stumbled on this page in the search for a photographer to capture your Icelandic elopement I would love to opportunity to chat! Few locations get me as excited as Iceland. A little about me… My name is Angela Ruscheinski, hi! I live in Langley (just outside of Vancouver) British Columbia (and a quick direct flight away) and I’m passionate about shooting heartfelt, untraditional weddings in organic, natural settings.

I’m a lover of golden light, yoga, spicy food and zombie movies. I’m fascinated by the stars and the universe.
I like to set goals, eat cheese, drink beer and stand on my head. I'm an only child, a mom and a wife. I never remember an umbrella and sometimes I order a veggie burger, add bacon. 

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