Langley Wedding Photographer - Angela Ruscheinski Photography

Honours & Raves



"You posed us, then let us be our ridiculous selves" 



“I have eagerly awaited this day!! The photos are stunning and breath taking and I am in such awe! Thank you so so much for capturing all these beautiful moments and memories. I feel like I could reach inside the photos and feel the emotion. I can't wait to share them with our family and friends!" -Sydney & Brandon

“This photo captures everything I want to remember about that day. You made us feel comfortable on one of the most important days of our lives. You posed us, then let us be our ridiculous selves. Thank you! -Shandy & Marc

I can’t believe how absolutely amazing these photos are. You captured the love that Keith and I feel for one another in every photo and each time I scrolled down I found a new favourite. I will never be able to pick just one!" -Erin & Keith

“When Matt and I got engaged in Vietnam in March I was heartbroken knowing that she would be booked for the coming summer, but we got married on a Wednesday just so that we could book her and she graciously fit us in to her hectic photographer life.
She is magic. She captured things that you don’t even know you want captured and then she makes you feel like you are cool enough to be responsible. Elopement photos are a huge undertaking because sharing this story is only through the photos that are taken, and she did a beautiful job. At our reception, she seemed to casually capture life and love, it’s her second nature. She is our vibe, our kind of people. She is filled with love, she keeps it real and I could not love her more; as a friend, as an empowering female, as someone who will capture the real you. -Acacia & Matt



“I did something outrageous this weekend. Well, outrageous for me, anyway. After ten years of marriage and years of my husband begging, I had boudoir photographs taken as a Valentine's gift. I'm a little shy, so it took a bit of courage and more than one flute of pink champagne, but it happened and I must admit, it was so much fun. I don't know what took me so long. I have nothing against boudoir photography, in fact, I love the sensual images of beautiful women who are not afraid to be powerful, sexy, feminine beings. In two hours time I went from a nervous wreck to a blissed- out glamour girl. I find that sometimes, as a mother, it's hard to remember who I am outside of that role. For those few hours it really was all about me. It wasn't like I was remembering who I used to be, not in a mid-life crisis-y kind of way. It was more of an awakening to the possibilities of who I could become. Not just a sex kitten, but anything at all. Just like that, I was empowered. It was a magical moment.Who knew running around in one's skivvies could do such a thing?- Charity Whitehead

“I am SO happy that I did this. Any ladies that are interested in boudoir need to do this shoot. Whether you’re single, dating, married or swearing off the opposite sex all together: be brave, be confident and just DO IT! You’re in good hands, I promise. " - Noel Hoffman

Angela, I owe it to you.  You made me feel so beautiful and thank you for taking charge as I had no idea what I was doing. Thank you for loving every idea I had and still contributing your own, I really felt like a team with you. Ladies, I’m telling you – get on this. Doing this shoot gave me a whole knew perspective on how I look at myself and feel.  We are all beautiful and we can all be our own unique version of a model.  If there is anything you take out of this, take this: I promise you, its not scary – go shopping and buy yourself something totally sexy that you always wanted to buy but never did, drink some bubbly, & trust me, you are in good hands. Angela, you are an unreal woman and photographer. Thank you for everything you did for me." - Casi Gill