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Angela Ruscheinski is a photographer based in Langley, British Columbia.
Available in the surrounding areas including Vancouver, The Okanagan and Vancouver Island, or for adventure weddings abroad.
Passionate about heartfelt, untraditional weddings in organic, natural settings.


Hopefully you’ve stumbled across this page in the search for a photographer to capture your wedding! If that’s the case, I would love to opportunity to chat and explain my process! If you’ like, you can start by viewing some of my work at either of these links.

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Engagement Gallery

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A little about me… My name is Angela Ruscheinski. I live in Langley BC (a little less than an hour out of the city). I’m a lover of golden light, yoga, spicy food and zombie movies. I like to set goals, eat cheese, drink beer and stand on my head. I'm an only child, a mom and a wife. I never remember an umbrella and sometimes I order a veggie burger, add bacon. 


Why is it always ceremony first, reception after. White dress, high heels, beef or fish? Is this what’s important?
Are you cutting the cake because you want to, or because that’s what the venue said you’re supposed to do at 8:00pm? 
Have tacos for dinner, have a friend perform the ceremony and sign the papers later, get ready together, play rock paper scissors for who gets to pick the first dance song.  Marvin Gaye - Lets get it on? 

Give me a rowdy dance floor over stuffy traditions. Fields and vineyards over ballrooms, raw emotion and natural beauty over glitter and glam and hugs instead of handshakes.

We'll be a perfect fit if you just want to have fun, celebrate, embrace spontaneity and go with the flow. Without the stress and without Pinterest boards. It's not about how many tiers there are on the wedding cake. It's about you, your guests, candid unexpected moments and love.



”She is magic. She captured things that you don’t even know you want captured and then she makes you feel like you are cool enough to be responsible. She seemed to casually capture life and love, it’s her second nature. She is our vibe, our kind of people. She is filled with love, she keeps it real and I could not love her more; as a friend, as an empowering female, as someone who will capture the real you.”
-Acacia & Matt

“I have eagerly awaited this day!! The photos are stunning and breath taking and I am in such awe! Thank you so so much for capturing all these beautiful moments and memories. I feel like I could reach inside the photos and feel the emotion. I can't wait to share them with our family and friends!" 
-Sydney & Brandon


Angela Ruscheinski