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Information about planning a family session in the Vancouver or Langley area. What to wear, what’s included and what to expect.



My philosophy around capture families is simple. Natural, organic looking backdrops, good light, minimal ‘posing’ and lots of cuddles hugs and laughs. 


No family session takes the same amount of time, because no family is the same. I shoot until I know I have what I need. If it’s just Mom and a young baby in her arms then it might be really quick. But if you’re a family of 5 and toddler number 2 is shy or having an off day, then it’ll take a little patience and time. Generally nothing goes over an hour though. I want it to stay fun and engaging for everyone!
I’ll find us an amazing location and let you know what time of day is ideal for the best warm flattering light. 


It's my hope that you’ve come to me for family photos because my work really resonated with you. If that’s the case, working within these suggestions and colours is the best way you can help me deliver something in line with the way I love to shoot. 

If you can, please bring multiple options with you and get dressed at the location. That way I can help you decide what will work best given your location and the weather that day. However, I understand that getting young kids dressed can be a workout. If it’s easier, you can also email me photos of wardrobe ideas in advance. I’d love to be involved!

While heels or a fancy dress might look great in a lounge, it’ll look out of place (and unfomfortable) with the types of locations I use. Keep it casual. 


neutrals and earthy tones
denim jackets
for him - boots or blundstones
for him - a neural t-shirt or a subtle plaid pattern

neons or bright primary colours
( red, royal blue, sunshine yellow, grass green or bubblegum pink )

white shirts for either partner - beige is great, it photographs softer. We want the focus to be on you

restricting fabrics (stiff clothing means stiff photos)  
anything with logos or writing
running shoes or sneakers

Sorry, maybe that was blunt. I promise I just want you to have amazing images.



More ideas here: 


My favourite locations all revolve around where we can find the best light and I’m always on the hunt for new gems. It changes with the seasons, but these are some of my top spots.

Campbell Valley Park & Passive Park - Langley
Tynehead Park and Fort Langley area
Blackie Spit - Crescent Beach
Aldergrove Regional Park


Angela Ruscheinski